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19th November 2007

9:02pm: By order of @nto
*sighs* I know, I really need to update properly, but it'll take forever! I got a boyfriend, went on the worst holiday of my life, failed my AS levels, passed Italian GCSE, started college, broke up with my boyfriend, and probably more!

...I'll expand at a later date.

22nd May 2007

10:53am: OH MY GOD!!!
OK, I don't think I'm panicking quite covers it. In fact, I'm so scared that I screamed. Yes, really, I screamed.

My exam - my real exam. Today. This afternoon.

And it's German, which is a bitch at the best of times.


Hold me.
Current Mood: scared

7th May 2007

4:24pm: I just spent ages filling in an application form to work at the St. Albans library (due in yesterday but ssh! it's the bank holiday. No-one should be working! :-P)

My mum accidentally deleted it all. It's not her fault. She didn't know that clicking the button would go to a different page and it wouldn't go back to the pervious page. Also, it's not her fault that the website didn't save it when I pressed the save button.

But it does mean I have to do it all again.

And it's taking AGES. And I can't be bothered. But I want this job!

*pulls hair out*
Current Mood: tired

5th May 2007

7:45pm: *freaks out majorly*




(Though it did lead to "Doctor Who Continental")
Current Mood: angry

12th April 2007

2:16pm: Into the West
This isn't something I do much, but I feel like it. And want to test out my LJ cut skills! (or rather... the LJ Cut button...)

Current Mood: satisfied

31st March 2007

6:08pm: If money doesn't buy happiness, how come, after being payed £15 today, I'm laughing, smiling, and cracking jokes about my brother?
Current Mood: weird

24th January 2007

9:21pm: OK, I only came on to check when Everest was first climbed (Yes, that is homework! German homework!), but then I came on here...

Current Mood: He hates me, he really does!

7th January 2007

9:53pm: Written at half midnight last night. So not very coherant.

20 things I have learnt today:

1. Good days suck. End of.

2. Always charge your laptop when it asks you to. Otherwise it may die in the middle of typing a very important document (e.g. a reply to a LJ post.)

3. MS Word sometimes autosaves. MS Word is good.

4. Spending 2 hours searching up pictures to put on your father’s birthday card will not get you a free trip to the cinema. Your parents decide you have done two hours of nothing and refuse to take you.

5. Do not point out brother’s lack of work to get yourself out of trouble for not doing work. See previous point.

6. My parents do not like ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ played on repeat all afternoon. Not even with John Barrowman singing.

7. John Barrowman has an amazing singing voice.

8. John Barrowman is just amazing. End of.

9. Clothes shopping is good. Especially when all the clothes you buy are purple.

10. Do not leave the birthday card your mother gave you for your father lying around where he can easily find it *runs off to get it*

11. No matter how many marshmallows you eat, it will not make you like them if you don’t like them before.

12. Throwing an open packet of chewy zinc tablets is not as satisfying as you’d think. They just do everywhere and you’re forced to pick them up.

13. Writing stories is not an excuse to stay on your mother’s laptop if she wants to check her e-mails on it.

14. Crying all afternoon/evening is not satisfying. And dehydrates you.

15. Don’t get your hopes up/really looks forward to something. It’s bound to go wrong.

16. “Goodnight Fi.” Is not a hint that I should be in bed. It’s a hint that my dad should.

17. “I’m not tired.” Won’t stop you being forced to go to bed.

18. Going to bed late and not eating are two things you want to avoid if you want sympathy for being tired.

19. My room is a tip. Again. Don’t tip the contents of your bag all over your floor.

20. As soon as you say “I’m not tired.” You’ll become tired

20 Things I have learnt this week:

1. Gay kisses are cute. Even if you’re the only who things they are. And you get severely poked for not going “Eugh!” or “We don’t need this, thanks!” during them.

2. Finales of TV programmes are hyper-making until you realise it’s the last in the series.

3. Texting til 2 in the morning the night/morning before you need to be in school at 8:45 is a stupid idea, especially if you did the same the night before. And the night before that was New Years Eve.

4. Giving Fi alcohol is also a stupid idea. End of. But don’t let that stop you! :-P

5. Booking dr’s appointments all by yourself is satisfying, and makes you feel very grown up.

6. A week feels like a long time. Has it really only been a week since new year?

7. Never leave sweets around Philip. He steals them. Then complains when you take the money for them out of his wallet.

8. Don’t obsess over slash in front of people who don’t. You get poked violently.

9. Me? Obsessed with Torchwood slash? Never!

10. Kingdom Hearts characters are just as funikful and smexy as Vicky said they are.

11. Fi using the phrase ‘teh smex’ just sounds weird…

12. Fi’s parents don’t approve of the Torchwood DVD complete first series box set (“You want that kiss on DVD?!”)

13. Handing in German essays in English doesn’t work and just annoys teachers.

14. Forbidding people to talk about Sandringham doesn’t work.

15. Neither does forbidding people to enter your bedroom.

16. Mini-Bounty bars are addictive. But tasty.

17. Don’t try to start discussions at the tea-table. They just get ignored.

18. “Well I’m not going to actually work.” Is not an excuse to watch the Green Wing Christmas special.

19. I’m going to have to rape John Barrowman and Gareth David-Jones. They rule too much.

20. An RAF grate-coat would be too hot and heavy (And probably would look crap on me!). But I still really, really want one.


I spent ages last night trying to work out why I like all my friends (Harder than it sounds!). Here are all the things I managed to come up with. If I forgot anything, poke me! :-P

Adam C: He’s really fun to talk to in my German lessons – he’s funny, and fun to joke around with. And we <i>do</i> joke around a lot. There are pleanty of times that we’ve decided we hate each other, or I’ve made a joke about left-handed people (not that I don’t like them or anything, it’s just fun to tease him! He does it too! He keeps telling me that left-handed people are the best! *pouts*)

Adam W: Now, I’m not entirely sure about Adam. I can’t work it out…

Alex: Weird as this sounds (Sorry Alex!) Alex cares. There was one time when I’d had a crap day (which I’ve posted about before) so just started shouting at him. And he was so kind and caring. He just asked me, perfectly calmly, if I wanted to talk about it. And he also asks me things like how school is going and stuff. Not really something you’d expect someone so big and scary to do…

Anto>: Anto, too, cares. There are so many times when, if you say something vaguely sad or something, he’d just hug you. Which is unbelievably comforting. And he volunteered to take me to the doctor’s, because I was scared of having things done to my ears. On my own. Sadly, he had school, but the nurse who did the stuff to my ears was very nice about it! And Anto and I have similar interests. Namely books. And Terry Prachett in general! :-D (Which reminds me, Anto, we have the video of the Soul Music cartoon if you want to borrow it). And he snuggles. Which is cute. *huggles* :-P And his smilie-obsession rules!!!

Ellie: Ellie, too, I’m not entirely sure why. We have similar interests (*cough*Dr Who and David Tennant*cough*), but we’re also just so hyper together. Oh, and she’s huggley.

Karen: Karen, too, snuggles. When she’s in a good mood. I won’t say anything about her in a bad mood, but when she’s in a good mood, she’s really nice to talk to. We can just chat, discuss things like shitty times etc.

Kerry: Kerry’s just cute. But she’s really nice and really easy to talk to. And I can bitch to her knowing she won’t tell anyone that I’m doing so. But that’s not the point. What’s also nice about her is that, unlike quite a lot of people I know, she cares about the characters I’ve made up. She gets so upset when I kill off one of them (who she has gotten very attached to). And she’s really funny *nods wisely*.

Lora: Lora, too, is really funny. We share a lot of the same interests (Dr Who, Torchwood, laughing at crappy films etc.) and, most importantly, introduced me to slash! Ah, I remember it well. My first every slash pairing… Elrond/Tom Bombadil. Ah, we were such messed up kids…

Rachel M: I think most people, if not all, would agree that Rachel is just an all round wonderful person! Talking to her just has this very high feel good factor. She’ll listen to anything you want to complain about. She’ll offer advice, offer sympathy, and she’s really funny. She, too, is really easy to talk to. She, also, cares about my characters. I write endless stories and she’s very good about reading them all! :-P. And the thing with Rachel, which is completely different to anyone else, is that I can lie awake on a Sunday night, texting her til 2 in the morning, going “OMG TORCHWOOD WAS AMAZING!” then analysing every single tiny little look each character gives each other (“Did you feel the tension between Jack and Ianto when they were talking about Lisa?”). Then conversations like this can go on for days. And she shares most of the same opinions and interests as me! I was able to drag her along to Wicked on the West End, and we spent ages before the show, during the interval and after it, discussing, again, the character relationships etc. Or just the characters in general (“I knew he wasn’t dead – he was too smexy to die!”) And there have been so many times that I’ve casually mentioned things that are really obscure (like Have I Got News For You?) and she’ll agree with me and we’ll be able to discuss it! She’s full of surprises, her! :-P

Rachel R-O (Rach): Again, I’m not entirely sure. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have Rach as a friend – I met her when I was 4. *huggles*

Robbie: If anyone cares, it’s Robbie. I have told him so much stuff I’d never dare tell anyone (except Rachel. I tell Robbie and Rachel stuff). When I get too depressed, it’ll be Robbie (and Rachel) I turn to. Not even to my parents. Said parents aren’t exactly pleased about this, but I just can’t them… But Robbie will just… sit and listen. So much so that he is fast turning into my parent (technically a father, but he acts exactly the way my mum does)

Again, Robbie cares about my characters – his character has adopted one of mine! But shh, that’s just getting obsessive! :-P. Robbie, too, is funny. So much so that when I came off the computer in hysterics, my mum was just like: “What made you so hyper?” and I explained that something Robbie had said was funny, then the next day, when I came off the computer totally hyper (I’d been watching clips of John Barrowman singing or of Torchwood), my mum said “Have you been talking to Robbie again?” Talking to him, too, has a high feel good factor.

Ruth: Ruth is another who I have known for ages – this time all my like. Her dad and my dad went to school together. Ruth and I are just really good friends. Although we hardly see each other, we’ve both managed to become obsessed with exactly the same things. So we just chat about Les Mis, RENT, the books we’re reading at the moment, and she accuses me of being obsessed with Ianto. And slash. Which I suppose I am…

Sarah C: Although she’s 6 (nearly 7! AGH!), Sarah is a friend. She goes to my church and is really, really cute. She’s a complete control freak, but in a cute way. She spends ages taking lessons and registers etc. And she said a brilliant thing when walking into my bedroom: “Fiona, do you like hedgehogs?”

Sarah H: Sarah is Ruth’s sister. She’s a year younger than me, but we’re still really close. She’s even told me a few secrets that she hasn’t told people like her sister or her parents! *feels special*

Vicky: Vicky is really nice. She’s funny, and we can just chat for hours. If I said we shared interests, it would be true, but not especially accurate. We have gotten each other obsessed with things. She’s got me into Wicked, Les Mis, Phantom, RENT, and just musicals in general, I got her into Guys and Dolls, LJ(!), RP Forums, uh… I’m sure there are more things, but I can’t remember them at 00:06… we’re permanently discussing slash pairings, ideas for stories, theories about things etc. Vicky is another one who I can talk about my characters with. I don’t know how much she actually cares about them (:-P) but it means I can make references to them and she can name the character. Which is very impressive of her. And for that, I give her a medal *hands over medal*. And, like me, she has a group of characters she’s made up and writes about, and she has fun telling me about them, which are really interesting. And nice and depressing! :-D!!!

What’s happened recently? Uh… Not much that I can think of, actually… I still don’t eat much, but I’m getting better. I’m getting more forgetful in my old age, I’m getting more and more cranky, I’m completely broke, uh…

Ruth and Sarah came down for new year. From Hull. Which was fun.

I have gotten obsessed with Torchwood. It wasn’t on last time I posted, so I’m going to have to do a catch-up post… But the finale ruled. It was so cute and hyper-making and ohmigod I love it!

I’ve finally seen The Man with the Golden Gun. Yes, Christopher Lee in all his young-ness glory *squees* *loves*

I’ve become obsessed with AIDs. Well, not really, AIDs prevention. I want to help with AIDs prevention in later life. Starting with an assembly on World Aids Day in 6th Form Assembly in November. Which will be terrifying. This all started because I watched RENT. Which rules and I will do a post later about it. But now I’m too tired and this, as usual, is getting too long.

I went to see Wicked at the end the December on the West End. It was just me and Rachel, no parents, so we had to get there by ourselves. Which we managed to. So much so that we turned up 40 minutes early. Victoria Station is oddly interesting. It had Idina Menzel in, who was reprising her roll in the original cast recording. And was amazing. And Adam Garcia. Who was amazing. And smexy. He was in Doctor Who once and I love him. And Nigel Planer. He was in The Young Ones and in the original cast recording of We Will Rock You – in fact, the part in WWRY was written for him.

Also, I’ve actually drawn some almost decent pictures! If you want to see them, say and I’ll show them to you.

Agh, I’m absolutely exhausted. Because it is 00:34. Night everyone!

Current Mood: Fine.

17th October 2006

2:16pm: WOW, I have a lot to talk about!
I haven't updated for ages. Well, I have. But nothing informative. Just random rants about stuff. Nothing about what I've actually done. So here goes.


First off - Results day. That was fun. We got there at 10:00 and got handed our piece of paper with results on. As you would expect at Results Day.
I got:
1 D (English Literature. Not too worried about that)
7 C's (My parents keep telling me I am qualitfied for Oceanology. 7 Cs - Seven Seas? Gettit?!?!?! Nah, tis a stupid joke. Anyway, they were in English Literature, Double Science, Food Tech, Music and drama)
1 B (Ohmigod, I got it in French! After sepnding 2 years telling my teacher I would fail miserably!!!)
An A!!! I GOT AN A!!! I love German!!!

*coughs* Anyway, so Kez and I went into town to meet up with the STABS people (STABS Boys feels like tautology...). We stupidly went into the school... Made me feel ever so slightly not as clever as before... Anyway, we all went to... some restaurant that I'm sure someone will tell me the name of and... strangely enough... ate stuff. Oh yes, and Karen and Clare randomly appeared, too. And Kez disappeared, and other people arrived and I'm not entirely sure who was there...

We then ended up going back to Anto's and watching V For Vendetta.

A little while later (I.E. A Few days), my parents had a family party - nothing new, nothing different. Just... a party. For my mum's family only. My parent's silver wedding anniversary party. I saw my mum's cousins and their kids and my mum's aunt and uncle and my grandparents etc. etc. etc. Nothing interesting happened, I just thought I'd mention it...

Vicky took me to We Will Rock You. It was amazing. I've loved Queen for years, since I gave my brother a 3 disc Queen Greatest Hits CD for his birthday. I think I might have been about 12. Since then I've been continuously stealing them and listening to them and being obsessed with them. So... anyway, I loved WWRY. It's so hyper-making, and Galileo (the main character dude) was so cute, and Saramouche (the main character dudess) was so cool, and Killer Queen (The main baddy dudess) was funkiful, and Khashoggi (The 2nd in command baddy dude) was dudey!

*coughs* Yeah...


Rach, my dearest darlingest Godsister, and I were made church members at the start of September. This was a nice experience, but kinda sad, because it was the last time Brian, our minister, would be church membering anyone...

After that, we had the PS meet-up at Rachel's house. This was fun. I brought chocolate fudge cup-cakes, which looked horrible, but I'm told were very nice. It was nice to see people again (although I'd only just seen half of them about 2 weeks before :-P) because I had... things to hand out that I kept forgetting to give people. I very stupidly, however, forgot them, and literally ran home and back to grab them, so that I could be back before the last few people arrived (I didn't want to be last to arrive). Then ran back. Stupid, stupid me. There was no rush. But I eventually managed to hand out everything I'd been meaning to hand out (That story was fated to be forgotten. First I forgot to e-mail it home, then I forgot to take it to church (so I could photocopy it), then I forgot to take it to Rachel's so I could give it to Robbie, then Anto forgot he'd read it...). I was told there was no rush and that I didn't even have to go and get the stuff, but I'd spent nearly all night a few nights before doing that family tree for Robbie, and refused to not give it to him... *sighs* Silly Fi...

I think it was in September that I stopped eating (Though it may have been before). It's not for any reason other than that I'm not hungry. But people don't seem to understand that. *glares*. And I don't eat when I'm not hungry *glares again* And no amount of poking will get me to eat (As some people *looks pointedly at Anto* will now know...)

I started 6th form this last month. It started off really badly, but is now getting better.

Also 6th-formy - in one of my free periods at the beginning of the term, I talked to SEN (Special Educational Needs) about possibly having very mild dyslexia. They said it's likey, and they're arranging for a computer test. But that is taking forever, so God-only-knows when I'll actually do it and get the results...

Rachel, for her birthday, took us to the Phantom of the Opera. Only once before have I ever enjoyed being so depressed. It was brilliant. The costumes... the voices... ...wow. Though, not offense to anything or anyone or whatever I'm trying to say, I think I prefered We Will Rock You. But that's just personal preference. POTO was brilliant too!

My parents had another silver wedding anniversary party - this time for friends. I spend some of thie time playing schools with my 6 year old friend Sarah, then Rach's brother Dan came and joined in. We learnt to write our names (Or in Dan's case - Dannil) and she did the register. Then she had to leave and Dan and I spent the rest of the afternoon seeing who could eat the most fruit - he was eating all the pineapple, I was eating all the melon. ...I probably won.

The next day, just as we were dashing out to church, my grandma phone. My mum's cousin Michael's wife Louise had had another little baby - a girl this time -called Susannah. Who sounds extremely cute and I can't wait to meet her.

My ears got all messed up. The doctor said they had built up wax or something, so I had to have them irrigated. We arranged this for a Tuesday afternoon. Because it was in the middle of the town, I met up with Anto and Robbie (this was actually Robbie's idea) during their lunch break. Town was wonderful*. They forced me to chose a place to get lunch, forced me to chose what they were gonna force-feed me, then forced me to eat my (very nummy) lunch. *hmpfs* (Oh, and Todd and Paul randomly joined us... Twas all very nice and fun). I tried to steal Anto so he could take me to the doctor's (Techicanlly he volenteered. Because I was scared. I didn't know what was going to happen to me), but Todd wouldn't let me and they all kinda... stole me and dragged me down to their school. It was all very fun and insane. 5 of us, all linked arms, wandering down St. Peter's Street. *giggles* Ah, that was fun... Good memories... 

I needed to go to the library to get a book out. I was going to the doctor's - I knew it would be a long wait - so I decided to get a book out to read whilst waiting. That plan back-fired. I didn't get a book.

...I got seven.

Anyway, the doctor's-ear-thingy wasn't too bad, after all. It hurt a lot, but it was very effective, and I got a sticker!!! It's purple, it has a picture of a lion on, and says Today at the Doctor's I was brave as a lion. Of course, the first thing anyone said about it was some sort of comment about the Wizard of Oz...

Brian, one of our wonderful ministers, and possibly one of my favourite grown-ups ever retired at the end of September. This was a very sad affair, and I will miss him. A lot.


This is is starting to worry my slightly. I'm still not eating properly...

My parents had their third silver wedding anniversary party. This time it was for my dad's family, which was nice, because I hadn't seen them for about five years... And since then, my cousin Matthew and his wife have had another kiddy. I spent the whole time talking to Laura (aged 10) about stuff and teaching her to play the piano, whilst Thomas (7ish), Chloe (My other cousin's daughter, aged 5) and Izzy (Aged 3) played Peter Pan in the garden... Cuteness...

It was Vicky's birthday. Vicky's now my age again... Happy birthday her.

I've recently worked out that I haven't been doing any work for ages, so I banned myself from MSN and forums so I can actually do something. GAH, I hate it. 2 and a half weeks without them!!! *cries* I'm going maaaaaaaaaaaad! And I haven't even been doing much work, either! No fair, I hate it!!!

My handwriting has gone crazy. It's gone all curley and swirly and weird.  my mum said something about handwriting matching a personality. Which I think is stupid, because mine is constantly changing. And she chose hers herself!

I went to a party run by an Indian friend of my mum's, because he, too, has had another kiddy. Apparently on the same day as Louise had Susannah, which is freakeh! It was a brilliant party. There were only 9 white people there (including us), a mexican, a part mexican part German, part spanish girl (Daughter of said mexican and one of said white people) and everyone else was Indian. There was me, my parents, my bro and some of my mum's work colleuges. 2 of them were (relivately) normal, one was said half German, half Spanish person, and the other two were PUNKS! I spent all evening chatting to one of the punks (we're scarilly similar... Well our eating habits, anyway), and writing a story. Which was then translated into Spanish for the Mexican woman who begged me to let her read it.

The food was amazing. Spicy, but tasty. And there was loads of it!!!

Next week I'm being dragged off to my grandparents' house. Which means that rather than a two week ban, like I'd intended, it'll be a two and a half week. GAH!!! *dies*

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnyway... That was way too long, I spent 2 periods doing this (That's 100 minutes... though I was trying to read the Wizard of Oz at the same time...)

* This line was put in just for Vicky
Current Mood: happy

15th September 2006

10:21pm: Still Smiling!
I think you might like to know how my first week of this new experience (more commonly called 6th Form) is going.

Most of it, though I hate to admit it, isn't going too badly. Bits of it are horrible, but I'll go into details a bit later.

First off, what I'm enoying. Honest, there is some stuff!

Italian. Italian is quite fun. The time just goes so *quickly* there are 3 of us now, but I'm still the only year 12. I don't mind this - it's fun, and makes me special! :-D We've doing really, really well - we've learnt to have a simple conversation, learnt to count to 20, and yesterday we started the alphabet! It's really fun, Miss Evans is really good and I love Miss Coulter's accent (She's Irish!!!)

ICT. The whole prospect of ICT is daunting - the mini-bus, the new school, the new people, the new account on the computer, the strange ways of said new school etc. But the actual lesson isn't too bad. We have 2 teachers, one that looks like Mrs Bates (Sorry Robbie, I know that means nothing to you) and one who annoys me, becuase I can't work out what accent she has. The Mrs Bates one teaches us Spreadsheets, the Accent one teaches us about the internet (yes, we need teaching). I sit next to the other person from Beaumont (Rikna) and someone called Lee, who is very nice and friendly. He helped me log onto my account during the 1st lesson (They have weird log-ins. 01elliottf - at Beaumont I'm p01felliott. I know this is off topic, but Robbie, what' s yours? I'm curious now...) Then today he got stuck and asked *me* for help! :-D So I was helping both him *and* Rikna (Who I have to explain *everything* to...)

Leisure. leisure depends on who's teaching it. 1 have 3 teachers - Mrs Rigget-Jones, Mrs Fox and Miss Dunjerovich (Or however you spell it. She tells us to call her Miss D, so I will...) With Mrs RJ, we're just doing some project, with Mrs Fox... she just let us continue it, but with 'Miss D', we started learning about something else, which was *much* more interesting.

What I'm not enjoying *as* much. German. I have 3 teachers. The nice one, the boring one and the one-I-don't-know-the-name-of-because-she's-from-Verelum-but-is-also-boring. We have the Verelum teacher 1st thing on a Tuesday morning (What a way to wake us up!), Miss Edison (who's not been there for 2 lessons in a row) Thursday Mid (Ps 3+4) and Mrs Yapp (The boring one) Friday mid. Miss Edison's lessons are easily the most fun (then again, they always have been. And, of course, put against the others, it obviously is), because she's hardly ever there, so we just run riot (there not being a teacher to stop us). Today everyone was on their phones and on bluetooth, but that's a different story all together. At least I have a friend in German. She's a friend of Kerry's, but technically she's been my friend since we were babies. I know she came to something like my 5th birthday party... Anyway, we know each other, get on, and hav fun muckking around in German, whispering comments to each other, copying each other's work etc.

Other stuff. Sandringham. I always get a feeling of forboding when I go there. That and hate. And depression. Today as I was walking in the gate from the mini-bus, I was practically in tears (again). The mood wasn't helped by the fact there was a huge grey cloud in the sky. Funny, I always thought they were metophorical. The lessons are all funny (they have 2 registrations! I got really worried that I'd gone to the wrong room and was almost ready to march to reception (of course, getting lost on the way... stupid school) when I remembered to check the planner, and they were still in registration!!!), they have weird computers/pupils and you have to be smart! On a Thursday I have to be smart of a SINGLE LESSON. Smart all day, just because I'm spending an hour at the stupid school!!!

Mini-bus. The mini-bus isn't too bad. There are always people getting off when I am, yesterday the nice Verelum boy I was stuck next to stood up to let me out (very nice of him), and I normally get Psycho Bus Lady's mini-bus. This is ALWAYS fun - enough to cheer ANYONE up. I still get a giggle out of the psychoness of the driving and the calmness of the classical music she listens to...

Ness. The whole idea of being BIG still scares me. 6th form have ALWAYS been bigger than me, taller than me (Rachel, you're excused. You're the same height), older than me, scarier than me (Yes, this includes you, Rachel dahling :-P) etc. And now I'M the big one (actually compared to our year 7s, I am!), I'M the scary one (some people might agree), I'M the old one (...Really, I'm not) etc. It's not... right! The German work is HARD. I used to be BRILLIANT at German (One reason I carried it on), now I'm... not very good... I don't understand the textbook, I don't understand the excercises in the text book etc. NOT GOOD!

On a slightly different note. I talked to SEN (Special Educational Needs), and someone got back to me, asking me about my options and who my English teacher was last year (?!). I don't think we decided on a time/date for the test - I'm expecting/hoping they'll get back to me.

My mother has just point out how horrible long this is - many apologies.

Thank you all your support. You have no idea how much it means to me.

20th August 2006

11:51pm: Written just for Alex...
But first off, the Producers in 2 minutes!

"You can make more money with a flop than with a hit.
We can do it!
I can't do it!
We can do it!
I can't do it!

Goodbye Max!
Lord I want that money!
I'm back, Max!
Come on Leo we can do it!
Step 1, find the play.
See it, smell it, touch it, kiss it.
Hello Mr Liebkind.
Guten Tag hop-hop, guten Tag clop-clop
Adolf Elizabeth Hitler?
Guten Tag hop-hop, Guten Tag clop-clop.
Step 2, hire the director!
Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it two-three kick turn, turn turn kick turn.
Oooh wah wah woo-woo- wah-wah
Step 3, raise the money!
Along came Bialy
Step four, hire all the actors
A wandering minstrel I,
A think of shreds and...

The little wooden boy
That's our Hitler!
Opening night!
Good luck, good luck, good luck
Break a leg! I broke my leg!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany!
A surprise smash!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany!
It'll run for years!
Where did we go right?
Where did we go right?
Gimme those books
Fat, fat, fatty!
Gimme those books!
Lousy fruit
Kill the actors
You ever eat with one?!"

OK, that wasn't all of it, but hell, it was most of it! :P

Anyway, I've been poked into updating, though I don't think I've done anything interesting enough...

Yesterday I look a nice trip to Harpenden with my mummy. We went to M & Co and bought a new skirt (long, red, chord, with pretty red flowery patterns and sequins") and a new t-shirt (Long sleeved, 3 types of red stripes, like my blue top, only it was red and didn't have anextra top underneath... and wasn't from Next), then we went to look at shoes/boots. There wasn't anything in the shop that fitted me... Then we went to the hardware shop and looked at wall paper for the hall. But didn't find anything. I saw a Magic Roundabout merangue! Then I don't remember what I did all afternoon. Then I did a jigsaw and went to bed (At 1 in the morning...)

Today I went to church (as per usual), and it was fine... Sarah, my little 6 year old friend was normal, and I GOT THE PICTURES OF MY FRIENDS ON IONA!!! Life is good!!!

Until 9 o'clock this evening, when
a. My brother returned from his camping thingy-ma-bob with ATC
b. The computer crashed/died/randomly restarted itself/made me want to kill it/went annoying/whatever
c. my mum lost her ebay auction (It was just a damn cookery book, mum! GET OVER IT!!!) and started yelling at the nearest person in sight (Namely me, who was deperately trying to bring up the ebay webpage so she could bid, even though the computer clock said it was 9:05.) Of course, this made me extremely cranky (...so what's new?)

Last Monday, I went into London, with my dearest, dahlingest (and only) god-sister, wasted most of money on the Producers CD and some new headphones, then... promptly put the bag down and not being able to find it again later. Which I was rather upset about. But I did get some rather nice notebooks in the Disney Store (Which I now love).

Since then, I have been on a picnic with several other people (Of which I can't be bothered to name, as it is 00:09 by my computer clock...) namely Rachel, Rach, Celia, Clare and Karen (Anto turning up later). If I've missed anyone out, it's got to the stage where I couldn't really care less... It's late and I'm only doing this to stop Alex poking me...

Also (even better), I went into town with Rachel on Friday (?) and rebought the Producers sountrack!!! The correct version this time - last time I accidentally picked up the Original Cast (Very confusing, as they both have Nathan Lane and the cute, adorable Matthew Broderick on the front). Then yesterday, my parents came home from the Record Player shop and gave me a new pair of headphones!!!

I get to feed Bob. Bob is Vicky's guinea-pig-that-my-dad-keeps-calling-a-gerbil. I also get to feed the hedgehogs that have set up residency in Vicky's back garden!!! YAY!

Also, I have a nice and busy time in the next two weeks. On Wednesday I get to go to work with my father at the Royal Air Force Museum London (http://www.rafmuseum.org/london/index.cfm). On Thursday, of course, it is Results Day (Which I suddenly started dreading at 9 o'clock this morning because of a dream I had last night... Bloody nightmare.), On Friday I have a tea-time date with someone from my church - she's taking me out for food to interview me for the church magazine.

On the Monday after, it's my parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary party. I have nothing to wear. Anyway, I'm only mentioning this, because they're having another one on the 16th September. And one in October. Why do we need 3 parties, damn it?! ...But that's not the point.

On the Tuesday I'm going into town with my mother to buy shoes and boots for school (I love Footsteps. I have fucked up feet, and Footsteps is the only shop to be able to cope... mainly because we've been going there since... forever...) After than, I am (hopefully) going to meet up with Rachel (I haven't discussed this with her yet) and go to Blockbuster and the Library to get DVDs to watch on our sleepover. Because we are having a sleepover from Tuesday to Wednesday, where we will watch lots and lots of films that neither of us have seen. (Top on the list is Nanny McPhee, because Fi is a self obsessed, helpless Colin Firth obsessive. 2nd on the list is Pride and Predjudice because Fi is a self obsessed, helpless Keira Knightley and Talluah Riley (She was in a random Miss Marple TV programme and she RULED) fan.)

On the Thursday I get to see We Will Rock You with Vicky as part of the West End's Kid's Week - I CAN'T WAIT!!! I read the script when Vicky lent it to me, and I'm obsessed with Queen, so I'm really, really doubly (???) excited!!!

A week on Sunday, Rach and I become church members. This will be a sad occasion, as it will be the last time our minister ever makes anyone a church member ever again, because he is retiring at the end of September. I shall wear my new 6th form clothes (so anyone reading this will know what they look like and how bad my descriptions are...) Afterwards, it's the PS meet-up - woohoo!!! I shall attempt to make Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes, because it's damn easier to share than a giant cake...

I'm going to leave now because
a. All this talk of cake is making me hungry...
b. I want to go to bed (It's nearly 1in the morning, damn it - that's late for me!)

Byeee!!! And I hope you're happy now, Alex! BYE!!!
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11th August 2006

1:38pm: 3:15!!! 13:26!!! I am going to kill Alex!!!

He wouldn't let me go to bed until 3:15 in the morning! Because of that, I went back to sleep after my mum pulled my duvet off.

13:26, I woke up. HALF PAST ONE IN THE AFTERNOON. I have never slept in that long. It would have been even longer if Vicky hadn't phoned.

In other news:

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday. I did not melt as much as Vicky claims I did, but when he first spoke, and you couldn't see who it was - you could just hear his voice, I was a little sticky puddle on the floor...

After that I wasn't quite so bad (but that might just be becasue I kept not recognising him. There's something about a beard and brown hair that makes him unrecognisable. Maybe it's just because I'm used to him clean shaven and with a grey wig on...)

I've said it before, and damn, I'll say it again if I have to - Jack Davenport has such an amazing voice...

*coughs* But let's not just talk about that...

The rest of it was quite good. In enjoyed it, but I found some scenes more boring that others. The ones with Jack was definitely better than the Will ones, but not just because I hate Orlando Bloom.

The bit where you first see meet Norrington is amazing. (Damn... it's got back to him again...) He has his back to you and it mainly in shadow, so you only know it's him if you recognise the voice. It really reminded me of the part in V For Vendetta when Evey's just been tortured and V comes and stands in the doorway and Rachel goes *Squee!!!*

Of course, I do recognise the voice of Norrington, because I had that story tape, so my first reaction was *melts*. My second reaction was *squee* my third reaction was "Yay it's Norrington!!! :-D

... I'm not obsessive over him at all!!!

And to prove it, I shall talk about something else: Stormbreaker.

I have had a very nice 2 days - I spent them both at the cinema with Vicky. On Wednesday we went to see Stormbreaker.

I was in hysterics the whole way through. This does not make it a bad movie. it was just funny. Except, of course, when Ewan McGregor died... Then I nearly cried, because Alex Rider was looking all upset, standing in the hall, lit up by police sirens (that doesn't make sense, does it? The blue flashey ones you get when there's sirens...) and it's all silent excpet for the requiem music over the top... That and I love Ewan McGregor.

But the rest of it was funny. Like Bill Nighy trying to do no emotion, or Alex Rider beating people up with a piece of rope.

The scariest thing is, by the end of the film, I was just going "Oh kill Alex Rider! Let him fall to his death!" That is not me. I love Alex Rider. He's another person/character I want to rape... But I'll explain about raping people some other time, as I'm being poked into coming off and getting dressed...
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8th July 2006

1:25pm: I hate the way that, when I am bored, the only thing I can do is play on the computer/internet.

5th July 2006

11:11am: Yesterday Sucked
(I wrote this in my diary yesterday, so I'm just gonna copy it straight out...)

I hate 6th form and I hate Sandringham. I'm sitting on front of a computer that won't log me on, after getting lost about 10 times, waiting for a teacher, although the lesson was supposed to start 10 minutes ago. Some idiot is making the conmputer make weird noises with his phone, and my phone ran out of battery before it could send my rant-text to Anto. And not other idiots are fiddling with the heating.
Life. SUCKS.
I had a boring lecture from the world's most boring German teacher, Mrs Yapp, then had to talk to 6th formers about 6th form (which I cuold talk to Rachel about any time I like. In fact, I do so frequantly), but it was Kat, so it wasn't too bad.
Then I had to catch the minibus to Sandringham by myself (Sarah Deacon looked after me, though), then I had to find the right room. Sid* was actually really nice and told me where G block was, but the huts were only G5/G6, so I stopped a random teachre, who directed me ("It's right in front of you, dear.")
There is obviously no teacher coming, as we've had 3/4 of a lesson already and nothing's happened except a few prank calls. This school sucks! YOu can't find anywhere - everything's hidden down steps and round corners. I can't wait to get away and back to Beaumont - preferably home, actually.
I'm gonna go home, (cry), find some money and then beg Rachel to let me come into town - this day's been so f*cking crap, going into town will be really good. Oh yes, and charge my phone up.
Way Hay! I get to leave early! Beaumont, here I come, I love you!


OK, the ride home cheered me up slightly. I only had to wait about 5 minutes before the bus arrived, at which point the randon guy held the door open for me. We had Crazy Bus Lady, who was playing Jupiter (My favourite from the Planets suit), and then when we got to Beaumont (Just me for Beaumont! Everyone else for Veralum), then same (I think) guy opened the door for me - saving me the embarrassment of being too weak and having to struggle with it! (Someone called 'next time... walk!' at me, but he was probably joking... I hope! Anyway, as the door shut, I heard one of the girls say 'Don't be so mean!') Also, I miss assembly! Mr DeKort said it's just talking about extra curricular activities (Jobs), but I don't mind. The only thing you actually sign up for today is Drama or Sport, neither of which I'm fussed about, so that's OK.


Well, I talked to Robbie (Big woo hoo... not), but that didn't do anything. If anything, it made it worse. Talking to Alex made it worse, coz he kept giving me stupid little messages to pass to Robbie. In the end I flipped and started yelling at Alex rather than Robbie. What made it even worse is the fact Alex was so nice about it! So horribly understanding. It really made me feel bad. All he did was calmly say: "Do you want to talk about it?"
Town was wonderful! For the 1st time today I was actually happy. Even whilst drying Anto's chair with tissues stolen from Costa Coffe I was happy. It was fun! And my smoothie was nice - Apple Pie! We chatted for about an hour and it was wonderful. Brilliant. When we got on the bus, we'd just said 'bye' to Anto, but it turned out the bus wasn't going the way we wanted, so pretty soon we were back off. Anto hadn't reached the end of the road at that point and, as a joke, I called 'Anto! Come back!' I hadn't meant him to hear it, but hear he did and came back! I couldn't stopped laughing!
After tea I tidied my room then went on Medaesylae/PS/PSR/MSN, not forgetting to check the time of Milton Jones. I had a nice chat with Alex, mostly about Mal-Fait and Kat at Kat's wedding.
It was when mum got home that everything started. She decided we had NO time to do ANYTHING apart from tidy. I just wanted to talk to Alex - I like Alex! In the end she told me I was coming off at half past. Yes, of course. At 22:30, Milton Jones was on! I shouldn't have said anything. I was forced to come off - she pulled the modem cord out of the modem, restarting the computer. This, as usual, started an arguement.
I decided everyone was blaming everything on me, though dad says otherwise. We had a nice talk, which always makes me feel better.
My dad, like me, belioeves I have self-confidence problems. This, actually, is a huge relief. It may not sound like anything good, but I was beginning to wonder is anyone had noticed. But tonight, we were all in bad moods, and dad was gradually calming me down and stopping me crying by telling me 6th form will be OK by the end of the 1st week and my bro just muttered "If she gets in." My dad didn't hear, but I did and shouted "SHUT UP!" then had to explain to my dad, who went "Stop it, Philip! Your sister has enough self-confidence problems as it is!" Ah, nice to be loved by one member of your immediate family...
Mum thinks I might have slight dyslexia, because I have really bad spelling. I have another reason. My eyes jumble up letters. For ages, I've been reading the name 'Shelagh' as 'Shagleah' and yesterday Alex told me something was 'diluted', I read it as 'dulited' and spent ages trying to work out what it meant!
Now it's 12:18 by my alarm clock, 12:17 by my mobile clock, 12:18 by my watch, plus I'm writing by mobile-light, so I'd better go...

* Sid - Ultimate bitch/chav
Current Mood: depressed

19th June 2006

10:32pm: Happy Small Gods Day!!!
19th June.

An important day.

Small gods day.

And about a million birthdays.

Including mine.

Your wonderful TheSporkofDOOM Nosesaretasty, who cannot remember her own screen name, is now a very big, Rachel-aged SIXTEEN.

And, as celebration, gets to go to the dentist tomorrow!

Woo. Hoo.
Current Mood: happy

11th June 2006

8:05pm: "Oh, when I'm in a bad mood, I just go on the internet and verbally abuse Robbie and Kerry."
I was lying on my bed, listening to the tape of Jack Davenport (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0202603/ - Commodore Norrington) reading The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer that I got out the library, trying not to fall asleep (he has a hypontising voice), meditating, putting off my maths revision etc, when my dad came in. He sat on the bed, listening for a minute, then said.
"Who's reading?" I paused for a moment, thinking that if I just blurted out the name, my dad might a. not know who he is, and b. think it's a little obsessive, then said cautiously:
"Jack Davenport." Dad thought about this for a second, then said:
"Is he the guy from Coupling?" I was surprised, I hadn't realised he'd heard of him.
"I don't know," I admitted. "But he's in Pirates of the Caribbean."
"Oh really?" Dad said. "I didn't know that." I got off the bed and checked the back of the tape box. Dad was right - Jack Davenport was in Coupling!

That was a boring story. Now, if anyone's still awake... Here is a slightly more interesting story about the dangers of tomatos:

"Tomatoes are NICE! Though they splurge everywhere when you bite them, then you have to go round the whole day with tomato pips and juice on your top and look like a total prat, and everyone points at you and laughs and says "Ha ha! They like tomatos." And you say "YES! I like tomatos!" And they look at you, shrug and say "fair enough" and walk off.

or not..."

Poor darling Robbie has to sit through my weirdness - there's no escape when it's just Personal Messages (he's already forbidden me from calling a Personal Message a PM, as it gets a bit... *coughs* y'know, when you want to put it in the plural, and end up typing PMs)

I HAVE A PROM DRESS! And prom shoes, and a prom necklace, and prom bracelets!

(The picture makes it all look bluey, but it's more of a turquoise)
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5th June 2006

12:55pm: I told my mother I'm taking a towel to my maths exam.

When she asked where I'll put it, I said "In my non-existant pockets." Yes, it will fit because: "My non-existant pockets are very large."

I'm normal... honest!
Current Mood: scared

4th June 2006

10:06pm: Either I'm getting paranoid or...
Everyone's in a bad mood/yelling at me today.

* Anne sounded grouchy when she PMed me on the IMDb
* Karen sounded grouchy when I said I couldn't do something on her website
* Dad seemed to yell at me when I sucked at Biology ("I thought you knew this better than this."

Even Anto seemed to be in a slightly bad mood when I talked to him...

*sighs* Paranoia sucks.
Current Mood: sad

3rd June 2006

5:04pm: It's England, it's June, it's hot. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD?!
Sunday/Monday was cool. I went to the IMAX cinema in London with a few (*coughs*) friends - Rachel, Rachel, Anto*, Phoebe*, Clare, Todd, Joe, Robbie, Leanne and Karen to see V For Vendetta.

It. Ruled.

(Although I'm never allowed a sleepover again.)

I cried. I cry a lot at films, it's not a new thing, but I didn't cry last time I saw it...

Anyway, I was sandwitched in between Rachel and Rachel (hey, I never realised that before...). Normally when I cry on films I put my head on the shoulder of the person nearest. This happened to be Rachel (M). So, with my (left) thumb in my mouth, I leant my head right... and hit @nto**'s hand.

Miffed, I tried again. I got Anto's hand again. Damnit. I'd forgotten @nto puts his around Rachel...

Not caring about anything anymore (I was upset, damnit!) I put my head on Anto's arm, then held onto his hand (with my right hand), whilst still sucking my (left) thumb.

Anyway, we got back to St. Albans at 00.07, and all went to @nto's for a sleepover. I slept for about 10 minutes, sorta, but then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. As it was dark, and I had no glasses on, when I saw Rachel and Anto hugging, it was totally and utterly adorable as they were, really, two greyish blobs... So cute! I couldn't stop grinning. In the end I joined them sitting on the floor. They both leant against me and I felt very motherish... ***

Yeah, Rachel and I talked all night****, then we had breakfast, doughnuts and flapjack and we went home.

* I don't know how you do the little clicky thingy where there's a link and you clock on it and it goes to their LJ, so I didn't...
** Anto/@nto, I never know what to call you, so I alternated. Is that OK? :P
*** I really enjoyed feeling motherish... (Or should it be 'motherly'?) I can't decide if it's a good thing or not...
**** I've missed a hell of a lot of stuff out, but I have to go eat tea now...
***** The mood-picture-thingy isn't the right one for 'Loved', but the picture for 'Loved' isn't the one I wanted, so I combined the two...
Current Mood: Loved *****

27th March 2006

10:21pm: You know...
You know your music composition is good when your dad starts dancing to it.

You know there's something wrong when you willingly tidy your room (ALL AFTERNOON) and can't sleep because it is
a. too tidy and
b. too messy.

You know there's something wrong when it's about 36 hours before your German aural and you can't even remember
a. What time your lunch hour begins/ends
b. What that is in German
c. That the verb 'gehen' goes with 'sein'
d. Any German WHAT SO EVER!

You know you're not going to have a very good day when
a. It's raining
b. You start the day with a Food Tech exam
c. Your head is so full of fluff you can't even think about what you're supposed to be talking to your music teacher about
d. You're wondering if you are ill or not
e. You don't freeze in your freeze-frame in drama

You know it could be a whole lot worse when
a. Rachel comes all the way from Sandringham just to help you to compose for your GCSEs
b. Your German assistant insists that you eat chocolate when talking to her
c. You spend 3 lessons out of 6 filling in forms rather than doing work
Current Mood: scared

26th February 2006

10:18pm: Anthony makes a very good pillow.

Which makes it his fault that I was practically asleep during Karen's partay.

Sorry Karen.
Current Mood: tired

24th February 2006

11:41am: Of Sticky-Keys and Science Teachers
Our science class is in the computer room (I’m supposed to be doing coursework), and several people decided that it would be amusing to put ‘sticky keys’ on the computer. So, of course, it made a noise. Everyone else was saying “What is that?” so, my science teacher said, extremely loudly.

“It is the sound of people with small penises.”

And, magically, everything stopped!
Current Mood: surprised

7th February 2006

10:04pm: EEP!
I'm running out of Hot Chocolate (White Chocolate flavour)

*runs down to Wittards*

And I'm kinda bored.

*Runs to Ottakars*
Current Mood: sad

5th February 2006

9:59pm: Our school boiler died.

We have no school tomorrow.
Current Mood: happy
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